A fascinating story of an Australian alien encounter and the discovery of the evidence left behind…

June 23, 1992. Peter Khoury, a 28 year-old Sydney resident, was awoken from his afternoon slumber by what appeared to be two females – both striking and unearthly – kneeling on his bed. What transpired between them was a physical assault as bizarre and as disorientating as it was unnatural. Then as quickly as they had arrived, they vanished. Khoury had become one of a legion of abductees with inexplicable experiences, but this particular incident stood apart from all the others. This time there was evidence – two strands of white blonde hair from one of the females.

Khoury’s case would result in the very first forensic DNA analysis of ‘alien abduction’ evidence and revealed an extraordinary biological anomaly – one genetically close to human yet almost impossibly far from human mainstream. A gripping account of one of the greatest mysteries of our time, ‘Hair of the Alien’ brings us closer than ever before to understanding our past, our origins and our place in the universe.

Join Bill Chalker, one of Australia’s leading and well respected UFO investigators with a background in chemistry and mathematics, and Peter Khoury, the man who experienced the strange encounter, for a rare live presentation about this extraordinary case.

  • Never before have Bill and Peter presented this case in Melbourne
  • Find out what has transpired since the incident
  • Audience question time
  • An opportunity to speak with Bill and Peter 
  • Opportunity for audience members to share any ET contact experiences.

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Saturday 24th March 2018
Doors open at 6 pm.
Speakers commence at 6.30 pm.
Bar snacks and drinks available for purchase at venue.

Mentone RSL
9 Palermo St, Mentone
VIC 3194
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Book before 19 February: $38 per person
After 19 February: $48 per person